UAE Petrol and Diesel Prices for March 2023

The United Arab Emirates has recently announced changes in the price of petrol and diesel for March 2023. This news will undoubtedly help vehicle owners to look forward to the exact pricing when refueling. The new prices will be applicable to both diesel and petrol. If you own a vehicle, then you should read this blog to know more about this in details which are covered in the blog.

Petrol Prices for March 2023

According to the UAE fuel price committee, Super 98 petrol will cost Dh3.09 per Litre in March 2023, compared to Dh 3.05 in February. Similarly, Special 95 petrol will cost Dh 2.97 per Litre, compared to Dh 2.93 in February. While E-Plus 91 petrol will cost Dh 2.90 per Litre, compared to Dh 2.86 in February. These prices mark the second consecutive month of increases and are the highest rates seen in three months this year. The rate above is the Dubai petrol price per Litre for the entire month of March and will be available nationwide throughout March 2023 at ENOC, EPPCO, ADNOC, and Emarat fuel stations. So if you are planning to refuel your vehicles consider these rates. 

Diesel Prices for March 2023

Diesel prices, on the other hand, will decrease to Dh 3.14 a Litre in March 2023, compared to Dh 3.38 in February.

Impact on UAE Residents of Petrol Prices

From March 2023, UAE residents will need to spend marginally more to fill up their car tanks. It is worth noting that any change in petrol prices in the UAE significantly impacts the country’s population.Car owners in Dubai and other emirates are aware that even the slightest increase in UAE fuel prices can affect their monthly expenses and increase their overall cost of living in the UAE.

Alternatives to Refueling at Petrol Stations

If you are unable to visit a petrol station, you can rely on Cafu, a mobile fuel service in the UAE that offers fuel at the same rate as petrol stations and it is ideal for those who do not have the time to visit a petrol station and have busy schedules.

Background on Fuel Price Controls in the UAE

In 2020, the Fuel Price Committee froze prices after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The controls were removed in March 2021 to reflect the movement of the market once again. It is worth noting that the price of fossil fuels in the region affects petrol and diesel engine vehicles’ running costs in the UAE.


To sum up, the price of petrol are set to increase for March 2023,while diesel will decrease. It is advisable to visit a petrol station or use a mobile fuel service to refill your vehicle. It is worth noting that any change in fuel prices in the UAE has a significant impact on the population, particularly car owners, who must take this into account when planning their expenses.